Transform your healthy habits into a way of life


Transform your healthy habits into a way of life

Strive for perfection and achieve mental and physical harmony. Experience Unparalleled wellness combinations and reach optimal health.

Perfect blend of healing mountain air, nutrient-dense diet, and specially-crafted wellness activities and procedures will revitalize your mind, body, and soul in just a few days. Enjoy perfect mix of cutting-edge technology, modern medicine, and authentic traditional Georgian wellness practices to improve your quality of life.

Our team of hand-picked, scientists and health experts will create a personalized plan tailored specifically to you, to effectively manage stress, which is a leading cause of premature aging. With our focus on early detection of health risks, you can maintain optimal physical and mental well-being throughout your life.

Functional nutrition with endemic phyto resources

Fresh, all-natural products, grown on Bioli Farm, provide the human body with vital and essential elements. Functional nutrition represents a great precondition for strengthening the immune system and positively affects physical and psychological status.

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