The mastermind behind architecture & design

Architectural Concept

The mastermind behind architecture & design

Perfect combination of a natural world and wellness that creates a one-of-a-kind, serene environment. Designed with an emphasis on nature and breathtaking views, Villas are seamlessly blended into the surrounding landscape.

At Bioli, the architectural concept is masterfully crafted to harmonize with the natural landscape. The terrain and topography of the Bioli forest guided the distribution of the various house types, ensuring an effortless integration into the surroundings. The design approach extends the landscape over the roof, incorporating the topography as a defining architectural element. With nine types of inground and above ground houses, every indoor space is thoughtfully oriented to capture the breathtaking views. The visionary behind the project is Giorgi Khmaladze, a renowned architect and Harvard School of Design graduate based in Georgia. Khmaladze's unique creations beautifully harmonize with the landscape and have earned him numerous international accolades.

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