As a land of diverse cultural heritage and natural wonders


As a land of diverse cultural heritage and natural wonders

As a land of diverse cultural heritage and natural wonders, Georgia captivates travelers from all corners of the globe. Located just a 35-minute drive from Tbilisi airport, you can arrive at the resort within moments of touching down. As you traverse the winding roads, a majestic landscape gradually unfolds before your eyes, revealing inspiring views of the Caucasus Mountains and capital of the country. As you ascend to an elevation of 1,150 m above sea level, you'll feel the subtle change in the air of Kodjori - a registered climate resort with a healing type.

Renowned for its traditional medicine practices, which have been passed down through generations, Georgia's traditional medicine practices are an essential part of the country's heritage and continue to be a crucial aspect of the country's healthcare system.

Georgian cuisine, winemaking, and hospitality are second to none. The cuisine boasts an extensive variety of mouthwatering dishes, many of which are prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Winemaking is an integral part of Georgian culture, and the country has been producing wine for over 8,000 years. The hospitality that you'll experience in Georgia is unparalleled, and you'll be treated like royalty, no matter where you go.

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