Resident by Bioli presents an exceptional collection of 20 beautifully designed villas, each spanning an average of 250-300 sqm and situated on spacious private land plots ranging from 1500-2000 sqm. These outstanding villas undergo meticulous renovations and are thoughtfully furnished, perfectly reflecting the essence of the Bioli concept. Bioli takes care of every aspect of villa management, providing comprehensive maintenance services, including cleaning, technical assistance, security, reception, and transportation throughout the resort. Villa owners have the option to entrust Bioli with renting or selling their property, offering utmost flexibility. Crafted with eco-friendly materials, these villas exemplify Bioli's unwavering commitment to sustainability. As part of our eco-conscious philosophy, only electric vehicles are allowed within the territory, and villa buyers will receive an eco car as a special gift.

Resident Priorities

Villa residents at Bioli have access to an exclusive annual wellness checkup package, which includes a comprehensive diagnosis of their health at a cellular level. As an added benefit, residents receive ongoing health reports prepared by a personal coach, ensuring continuous monitoring and guidance. Bioli residents also enjoy tailor-made services in the realm of nutrition and culinary experiences, with dedicated wellness and culinary coaches to support their individual needs. Moreover, family members of Bioli residents receive special rates on a wide range of services, allowing them to fully enjoy the benefits of the community.

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